Mardi Himal Trekking Day 1

There was uncertain about me going for trekking for the first time in my life due to shoulder pain a week before. As it was planned, i decided to have this trip no matter what happens.

There was so much positive and negative vibes running through my mind. Will I be able to trek Ups and Down through the hills continuously 3 days ? This was my major concern before heading towards destination.

We took a night bus to travel to Pokhara, a beautiful city of Nepal.  We reached at Pokhara in early morning and got to see an amazing view of shining  Machapuchare  due to morning sunlight reflection. As of the planing to went to the Dhampus, from where we started our trekking with sticks and sunglasses.

As of our own indication, we started tracking our check points which were to reach Pothana within one hour but we reached the destination within 45 minutes with taking rest.

Then we had lunch, and started to move towards Deurali, where we reached it in next 45 minutes.

We knew that we have to walk through Jungle for next 4-5 hours where we wouldn’t get anything on the way so we got some mineral water bottle and head towards Forest Camp.

The way to Forest Camp was quiet amazing, walking for quiet 4-5 hours taking short break interval. The passage on some of the way can mislead to different place but thanks to the well marked sign on the trees for right destination way. There weren’t such difficulties on waking through Forest Camp but at one point it does have steep walk upwards. Beside that it doesn’t quiet have such difficulties way as I remember now.

I was very frustrated after walking such a long distance with no network on the Jungle but we stopped and took rest for almost 10-20 minutes since we didn’t new the Forest Camp was just a 5 min walk in distance. It broke us with happiness one we show the Heading board labelled with “Forest Camp”. It was a joy moment for a time being, we knew still there is a few days walk more to go. We checked in on one of the hotel on Forest Camp, had dinner and rest and slept since we have to wake up early in the morning to reach High Camp.

So here is the short description of route we traveled:

Day 1

Dhampus to Pothana ( 45min to 1 hr )

Pothana to Deurali ( 45 min to 1hr )

Deurali to Forest Camp ( 4-5 hrs ) – can take longer which depends upon your walking and rest interval


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